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Vembla delivers products from your local food store and pharmacy to your doorstep.

The Project

Look over the existing app and give suggestions for any improvements and UX-design that can be implemented with the technical requirements the app has today.

The main target group:
- Lives in bigger cities.
- Aged 30-50.
- Young professionals with a higher income than the average person.
- Have no problem spending money on food and service.

What we did
Based on the brand analysis, desktop research, and focus groups, we defined three areas we chose to focus on:

01 A Food Market Hall online
02 How Vembla can expand its business.

03 Visually more inspirational.

01 A Food Market Hall online

- We optimized the user journey.
- We made the interface more minimalistic and easier for the eye.
- We gave the app an overall more luxurious look.

Why these solutions?
This suggestion didn't have to follow any technical requirements, meaning, Vembla gave us a total Carte Blanche.

Based on our research, we saw there was a high demand for a Food market Hall online. While implementing this idea, we also made a total redesign of the Vembla app. Let me explain and show you “the why’s” even more:

Easier to navigate

In order to make the experience more comfortable for the users, we made it easier to navigate back and forth between Food stores, Deli stores, and pharmacies.

Make the USP stick out
This also highlights the feature of being able to shop everything from one place, something no other app on the market offers today, but our research showed it was highly demanded.

Arrow 1.png
Arrow 1.png

Avoid too many choices 

To not get overwhelmed with products, we added a few initial steps where the user first makes “wider” selections in what they are looking for. In the example above, the customer chooses "OUR TRADERS".

Arrow 1.png

A better overview

The product pages we designed in the target group's most preferred layout.

This layout enables them to get a better overview of the goods.


In this example, the customer chooses "Fruit & Vegetables". Once reaching the products there is an infinite scroll to more products.

02 How Vembla can expand its business


- In the onboarding of the app, we added a “Nominating page”.

Why this suggestion?

To give customers the opportunity to nominate their favorite stores.

To minimize frustration points in the user journey and to increase the probability of customers returning to the app. It also creates a more inclusive and engaging welcome towards first-time users.

On top of that, Vembla can collect crucial information helping them make relevant and more accurate decisions leading to a more effective way of growing their business. E.g, when Vembla contacts new stores, they will be able to show the stores reliable statistics and information proving there is a demand in their area.

Tredje nominering.png
Första nominering.png
Arrow 1.png

03 Visual more inspirational 


- We created a visual style we recommend Vembla to use.

Why this solution?
This visual direction is to mirror the simplicity of the Vembla service, to inspire and make it fun to shop. Vembla's target group responded very well to this visual change.

It follows the technical requirements the app has today.

Last but not least, it was an easy solution. After all, solutions don't have to be AI-super-tech-crazy all the time. We just kept it simple, and above all, cost-effective for the client.

Tredje onboarding.png
Andra onboarding.png
Första onboarding.png
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