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Art directing / UX / Facilitation

I'm Fernando Molin, a very creative individual with many years of experience as a photographer.

Right now, I'm a Design Lead student at Hyper Island in Stockholm.

What does that mean? I learn how to lead and build high-functioning teams, create an effective design process, and understand the business side of it all.

During my education, I have focused on Art Directing, UX, and Facilitation. Let me show you what I have done so far and what really makes me tick.


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The project
Look over the existing app and give suggestions for any improvements and UX-design that can be implemented with the technical requirements the app has today.

My role: UX designer 
Time: 4 weeks, a Hyper Island student project

Cases Portfolio
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Swedish Stockings

The project

To develop a communication strategy to communicate Swedish Stocking’s goals; look good (style), feel good (comfort and quality), do good (sustainability) in an innovative way to attract curious and like-minded women.

My role: Branding, Project Manager
Time: 4 weeks, a Hyper Island student project


The project

Create a fun, effortless, and engaging user experience.

Support on reevaluating the UX by refining the user flow.

My role: UX designer

Time: 4 weeks, a Hyper Island student project

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