Swedish Stockings was born in 2013 and is currently the only sustainable hosiery brand worldwide.

The Project

To develop a communication strategy to communicate Swedish Stocking’s goals; look good (style), feel good (comfort and quality), do good (sustainability) in an innovative way to attract curious and like-minded women.

The main target group:
- Lives in bigger cities.
- Aged 25-45.
- They are curious, sharp-eyed, ambitious women.

What we did
In the design process, we developed:

01 Brand analysis
02 Target group analysis
03 Communication strategy
— Social media guidelines
— Visual and verbal guideline

01 & 02 Brand analysis and target group analysis
I’m not going to bore you to death with tons of analysis, instead, I want to focus on our findings:


  • Swedish Stocking’s visual identity between different social media platforms was not aligned with each other.


  • The verbal communication didn’t communicate their biggest USP enough, which is their unique sustainability advantage and all the good they do.

03 Communication Strategy
Based on our insights and findings from the brand and target group analysis we formed a communication strategy. The strategy is divided into three main areas. we call them:


  • Be yourself everywhere

  • Get to the point

  • Make people talk

Be yourself everywhere

Exercise brand consistency. Make sure to use this on all channels (these are examples)

– Use your colors on your site. Make sure to use the right font on social media, and make your icons move, and use them on more channels.

– Add black and stronger pastel colors to make the messages pop more and stick out.

– Use large text in bold, it makes the copy more confident.

– Unify your brand by repeating this over and over.

Your packages might be your only touchpoint with some consumers. Make sure to be yourself here as well. Communicate your vision and goals by giving answers to the relevant question that also heightens your brand, such as:

How are the boxes made?
What material?
How do they look?
Can the person learn about your work from the package?
Do the packages feel good, look good and do good?

02 Get to the point

These are some of the findings we got from our 1 on 1 interview:

— People don’t know stockings are an environmental problem.
— ”Sustainability” is confusing.
— People want to follow genuine and transparent brands.
— Your new customers don't know you are sustainable.



Our suggestion

  • We suggest fewer alternatives in the menu. In this way, you focus on the most important subjects.


  • Always communicate sustainability, keep it simple, concise, and easy to understand.


  • Few companies can be as transparent as you can be. Based on our research, you are at the forefront of your field. Let people know you got nothing to hide, and be proud of that. We think it’s a huge USP.


  • We also recommend a touch of fun in the copy and more videos overall. It makes it easier for the customer to interact and get engaged.

03 Make people talk 

Get people talking by creating meetings. We know that you are already working like this through your Sample sales and Cross-industry Collaborations. We think you should develop this track.

  • Talk about your work at important events.

  • Collaborate with interesting organizations and Instagram accounts.

  • Develop your Sample sales or have your own events where you talk about fashion and innovation.

  • Be the one who pulls people together.


Our suggestion

You also have very good content. However, based on our research, it just needs small tweaks, which we think can create higher engagement. By working with more genuine and personal tonality, you can increase commitment and interaction.





Improve your storytelling by mixing in more stories and important information.

We have developed these four categories that you should communicate more clearly and ALL THE TIME:


  • Heritage.: Tell us who you are, why you started - there is a lot in your history that would appeal to the target group (internationally)


  • Production: transparency and innovation. You benefit from really showing how everything works, there are few brands that can dare to be as honest as you can.


  • Industry: Highlight brands that do good things, collaborate, create a dialogue within the industry to really be able to influence it.


  • Community: Educate, give tips and let your users take their place in your channels.