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A very exciting startup. Via their app, they help people send everyday happiness to their friends. "Light up your friends' everyday life by sending them a treat, or as we call it - a tap!" 

The Project

  • Create a fun, effortless, and engaging user experience.

  • Support on reevaluating the UX by refining the user flow.

The main target group
18-30 y/o, young professionals & students in larger cities.


What we did
01 User Research
02 Design Concept

03 A slick UX based on our findings

01 User research

The foundation of our design approach came from the results of using 4 different research methods.

Benchmarking  —  Survey  —  Card sorting  —  User testing


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Due to Tappy's business idea, we felt we had to take a broad spectrum of companies to compare with. It turned out to be a very good choice. It both resulted in a better understanding of the overall "gifting industry". We also, without shame stole ideas from other industries. "A Good artist copy, a great artist steal" / Pablo Picasso 


We wanted to know what drives and encourages casual gifting among young urban adults.

Underneath you see the amount, age and location among the participants.

  • 80 responses

  • 21- 40 years old

  • Stockholm 75,2 % 


We could see people wanted to send personal messages, wanted to give something that really mattered to the receiver, and the option to search for treats in many different ways. This gave us not only knowledge about the service itself, but also how they prefered to use the app.   



We also used personas, to figure out what users to focus on. After consultation with Tappy, we decided to focus on 3 of the personas. These were the most important for Tappy in this stage of the development of the app.

Card Sorting

Our main goals with card sorting:

  • Prioritize content and features in the user interface

  • Optimize product’s information architecture

  • Get feedback on the navigation structure

With card sorting results you can look for patterns and from there you draw conclusions. Personally I love card sorting, It engages the test subjects in a different way than, e.g an interview does. I think it's a very usefull way to get to know your users. 


02 Design Concept
Based on our insights and findings from the brand and target group analysis we formed a communication strategy. The strategy is divided into three main areas. we call them:


  • Be yourself everywhere

  • Get to the point

  • Make people talk

Be yourself everywhere

Exercise brand consistency. Make sure to use this on all channels (these are examples)

03 A slick UX based on our findings

These are some of the findings we got from our 1 on 1 interview:

— People don’t know stockings are an environmental problem.
— ”Sustainability” is confusing.
— People want to follow genuine and transparent brands.
— Your new customers don't know you are sustainable.


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