I have reading and writing difficulties, do not like children, and have never read a book in my entire life. So why not write a children's book series.

Here you see the first book in both English and Swedish. The two last books are yet to be translated. Instagram


I have been a freelance photographer for almost 15 years, and I specialize in Stage entertainment and portraits. It can be everything from pure content for marketing purposes and social media, to CV and stage photography used for theater programs.

My clients vary from independent artists to some of the biggest entertainment- and event companies in Scandinavia.

Your packages might be your only touchpoint with some consumers. Make sure to be yourself here as well. Communicate your vision and goals by giving answers to the relevant question that also heightens your brand, such as:

How are the boxes made?
What material?
How do they look?
Can the person learn about your work from the package?
Do the packages feel good, look good and do good?

03 Make people talk 

Get people talking by creating meetings. We know that you are already working like this through your Sample sales and Cross-industry Collaborations. We think you should develop this track.

  • Talk about your work at important events.

  • Collaborate with interesting organizations and Instagram accounts.

  • Develop your Sample sales or have your own events where you talk about fashion and innovation.

  • Be the one who pulls people together.